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The stuff you didn’t know you needed to know about me

Self-portrait of the author by the author!

This is my about me page.

In case you needed to know the random odd bits.

Who wants to know the essentials? Boring! Let’s do the Unessentials!

My name is Sarah and I live in the UK, in the North of England.

What have I been writing about this week?

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December 2021

This past month I’ve hardly written anything. And yet, my Medium earnings are the second best of all time!

So, it just goes to show that you don’t have to stress about churning out content all the time in order for things…


The best and worst performing stories

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The year is almost done. Over. Complete.

But the act (and art) of writing is never done, there’s always more to write!

Before I start writing on the next piece though, it’s worth taking a quick look over the past year of writing and thinking about what worked and what…

Health and Fitness

Your practice changes with your body

measuring tape woman body
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I’m on a health drive at the moment. Well…I will be from tomorrow!

I want to eat less crap. Eat more fruit and veg. Move more. Stretch more.

That’s the plan.

I need to get fitter for my underlying health problems and the fact that I’m currently on the waiting…


They say no plan survives the first engagement with the enemy!

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Can you believe it’s December already? It’s come around fast hasn’t it?

November has been a funny month for me and my writing has definitely paid the price for it!

I guess you could say I’ve lost a bit of momentum with things but in my defence it’s been a…

Sarah Minnis

I write about side hustles, productivity and creativity. I knit, sew, crochet, do Yoga. Sometimes I write stuff too. Looking for the simple things in life!

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