What have I been writing about this week?

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October 1–8

I think the word you’re looking for is ‘whoosh’! That’s the sound of my fingers zooming across the keyboard this week. After a week off last week with a cold, this week I’ve come back fighting.

I managed to submit to 3…

Side Hustle Goals

Break your big tasks into tiny yet achievable micro goals

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Do you know what a micro goal is?

Yes, you do!

It’s a tiny goal. See, it wasn’t a trick question! But do you use them for your side hustle?

When I say micro goal, what I’m really talking about is the breaking down of larger tasks and goals into…


Or, how men should learn this one seemingly impossible trick

man and wife
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What is the number 1 key difference between listening to men and listening to women? Have you ever wondered?

I’m about to impart some wisdom here, so I hope you’re taking notes!

Here is the key to understanding the opposite sex:

Men: you listen to what they say.

Women: you…


Would you cancel it and use someone else’s referral link?

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Here’s a thought for you. When it comes time to renew your Medium subscription, are you going to let it roll over or cancel and use someone else’s referral link?

How would that even work?

I believe there are currently 2 options to pay for a Medium subscription at the moment, a monthly one or…

Writing Challenge

Write a piece for every single publication you’re a writer for

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I’m sure you’ve all seen these 30 for 30 challenges. Where you write 30 stories for 30 different publications in 30 days.

Well, this isn’t that!

I’m listed as a writer for about 20 publications, however there’s only about 5 or 6 that I regularly contribute stories to. …

Fairy Tales

Imagining the modern realities of popular stories

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What’s your favourite children’s story? Was there one that always stood out for you as a child?

I always loved The Little Mermaid as a little girl and would watch the film, spend 5 minutes rewinding the VHS tape and then watch it again. But have you read the original…

Health and Fitness

The exercise bike is just happy to see someone using it for once!

exercise bike
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About 3 months or so ago, I bought the exercise in from the cold garage and into a spare bedroom upstairs, which until 3 weeks ago got exactly ZERO use!

Every time I thought about doing some exercise I was either ready to do something else and so it wasn’t…

Sarah Minnis

Hi, I’m Sarah! I write about my passive income journey here on Medium as well as productivity and creativity. I knit, sew, crochet, write and do Yoga :)

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