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“Plastic Free July” Is On The Horizon…I Don’t Know If I Can Do It!

More organisation and less laziness when it comes to planning a plastic free shopping trip, please!

Sarah Minnis
11 min readJun 17, 2022
Image by the author…what plastic free shopping looks like!

I don’t usually jump on bandwagons — I usually just watch them roll past me.

But Plastic Free July isn’t the worst one ever to want to jump onto!

I consider myself mostly eco-friendly. I recycle. I buy local meat, fruit and veg from local growers. I haven’t travelled abroad in a while. I donate items to charity shops.

I’m sure I could a lot more though. I guess half of it is motivation and the half is organisation!

Plastic free is huge…I may have to simply go plastic less.

What Do I Do Already?

In order to see where I’m going, I think it would help to see where I am now.

Here is what I do regarding plastics at the moment:-

  • I use cloth reusable bags instead of plastic bags for shopping. Any plastic bags I do get (usually for meat from the butchers or similar) get turned into bin bags.
  • Recycle hard and soft plastics e.g. bottles, tubs, packets etc.
  • Buy loose fruit and veg from local greengrocers when I can (sometimes it’s just easier and quicker from the supermarket).
  • Make my own bath and body products where I can such as body bars, bath salts etc.
  • Use a reusable glass lunchbox for work. And my own knife and fork (mostly because I don’t want other people’s germs though!).
  • I don’t use disposable cups as I’m not a coffee drinker!

Looking at this list, I’m racking my brain trying to think of what else I do, but it’s not much!

I have to admit I use a lot of plastic water bottles…but the reusable ones really annoy me! You know, the trendy recent water bottles made out of aluminium where you can’t see what’s in them! I’m on the hunt for a non-trendy water bottle…heaven forbid I jump on that bandwagon too!



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