September Writing Challenge

A total fail…and not at all a failure!

Sarah Minnis
3 min readOct 5, 2022


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This September I wanted to set myself a little goal and that was to write a short story every day of the month.


In September I wrote:

  • 13 stories in total
  • 5 over 4 min reads
  • 8 short stories

So…I started off well!

The last 2 weeks of September I hadn’t done much writing at all as I’d been ill and worked a lot more hours at the day job!

Some days I’m so tired I just can’t face sitting and writing anything at all…it’s all about being in the right state of mind sometimes!

But those are excuses.

I picked short stories as they are (usually) quite quick to write and don’t always require a lot of research. A lot of the times, the shorter posts are almost like short bursts of streams of consciousness, where you state an idea, say a few things about it and then BAM! Post is done!

Like a ham sandwich without the meat!

I knew there was a chance I’d fail at this challenge simply because of my shift patterns. It’s difficult to find the time around work. Yes, I could get up at 5am to write furiously at the keyboard…no, I’m never going to do that!

Why did I do a mini challenge in the first place if I didn’t think I’d realistically finish it?

To get me to write more. And I did.

August only had 3 posts and so 13 in September is a step in the right direction!


I will still do the odd writing challenge here and there. But with working shifts, it means trying to schedule posts in advance and that isn’t always doable, to spend a full day churning out stuff.

And it’s not always the quantity anyway, is it? It’s the quality. I used this little experiment as a way to get back into the practice of writing and in that respect, it was a total success.

Now, it’s a case of finding the right topics to write about. Trying new things and not being afraid to fail again in the future, because…



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